CoinMarketCap Only1 Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn $5 Like token from Only1 Quiz.

CoinMarketCap Only1 Learn & Earn Campaign is live now. Participate in the Only1 quiz & earn a free $5 Like token.

Only1 Quiz Coinmarketcap questions are generally based on the Only1 Like token itself and therefore make sure to learn about it through the provided short lessons or videos and do not miss the $5 Like token.

CoinMarketCap Only1 quiz answers are given below scroll the page to see Coinmarketcap Only1 Like token answers.

You have to answer all Only1 Quiz questions correctly to be eligible for the free $5 Like token.

This learns & earns a free $5 Like token from CoinMarketCap is for a limited time and for limited users with the random luck system so don’t miss this chance to earn a free $5 Like token.

Only1 token reward will be distributed randomly to users amongst those who complete the quiz successfully before the campaign concludes.

This Only1 “Learn & Earn” Campaign’s reward pool consists of Like tokens worth $50,000.

Successful users will receive $5 Like as well as 50 Diamonds as a reward.


The Only1 “Learn & Earn” Campaign will run from 2021.11.23 (11:00 AM UTC) to 2021.12.22 (23:59:59 PM UTC). 

If you have not taken the lessons yet, please make sure to learn about Only1 to complete the quiz.

How to participate in Coinmarketcap Learn & Earn Quiz?

1) Tap on the start button to start the CoinMarketCap Only1 quiz.

2) Complete captcha and tap on next button and agree to terms and start the quiz.

3) Enter your registered email address with CoinMarketCap. (If you have not registered then the first register on CoinMarketCap)

4) Enter your Binance User ID (How to find Binance User ID? Go to Binance > Profile > Copy your User ID)

5) Complete the Only1 (Like Token) quiz by giving correct answers. Scroll the page to see the answers.

6) Add Only1 (Like Token) Token to the watchlist.

Q1) What problem(s) is Only1 trying to solve?

Answer: All of the above

Q2) Only1 allows content creators to monetize directly by simply being active and engaging across various social platforms, what do we call this?

Answer: Create-to-earn

Q3) What features do Only1 offer?

Answer: All of the above

Q4) On Only1, each creator will have (    ) Genesis-NFT where they can associate perks with these NFTs. The owner will earn (    ) of the creator’s staking pool TVL.

Answer: 1, 1%

Q5) What factors affect the APY of a creator staking pool?

Answer: How active the creator is across social platforms

Q6) What is the name of our native token?

Answer: LIKE

Q7) For Premium Content-NFTs, users can pay a small ‘unlock fee’ in $LIKE, each unlocking fee will be split between (        ).

Answer: The creator, content NFT owner, and Only1 platform

Q8) Initial NFT Offering (INO) is a new cryptocurrency crowdfunding innovation pioneered by Only1. What are the benefits of doing an INO?

Answer: All of the above

Q9) Only1’s INO: The ONES offered (   ) unique mints at the price of (    ).

Answer: 10,000 & 1 $SOL

Q10) What NFTs can users sell on Only1’s marketplace?

Answer: All of the above

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