According to cryptocurrency exchanges in India, there aren’t many female investors, but that number is rising even as Crypto market on the downtrend and new taxes reduce profits.

Rise of Women Investors in Crypto Market

Much like in the tech and finance sectors, Unfortunately, gender disparities have been in the cryptocurrency industry as well for a very long time. Women have historically been underrepresented in the crypto industry, whether it is in terms of founding companies or investing.

A decentralised and democratic financial system has always been one of the main tenants of cryptocurrency. But despite its original ideals, the male-dominated crypto business has never really been viewed as a place for women.

Men are twice as likely as women to invest in cryptocurrencies. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 43% of men in the same age range report having invested in, traded, or utilised a cryptocurrency, compared to about 19% of women in the same age group.

Fortunately, this is altering. A ray of light can be seen in recent data from Indian exchanges and other cryptocurrency businesses. According to reports, women make up 20% of cryptocurrency investors in India. What’s interesting about all of these statistics is that women appear to be outpacing men as new investors, and the majority of platforms have seen a phenomenal rise in the number of women registering and making investments on these platforms.

According to experts, the adoption of cryptocurrency by women has been positively impacted by growing knowledge of technology and its possibilities, rising internet penetration in the nation, and the subsequent drop in data disparity.

This is due to a number of factors rather than just one. A significant factor is the public’s developing understanding of cryptocurrencies as a technology and their potential long-term returns on investment. Women are also more conscious than ever of the value of financial security.

Women were not unfamiliar with investing in India. However, historically, they have only made silver and gold investments. But now, as people become more aware of cryptocurrencies, they have begun to appreciate the convenience that comes with purchasing and keeping digital assets online.

Due to the better profits that cryptocurrency offers, women have also encouraged their friends and relatives to invest. Others have begun experimenting with NFTs and other digital assets.

Recently BuyUcoin, One of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in India relaesed a report highlighting increasing participation from female investors on its exchange.

This Indian exchange has more 1 Million registered investors on its platform out of which every third investor is a women.

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One of them is Nisha Mutneja. The 30-year-old operates talentedHippo, a children’s educational metaverse, and only recently began making little cryptocurrency investments. She now invests up to 25% of her money in cryptocurrencies, with the majority of the rest going into mutual funds and stocks.

20-year-old cryptocurrency researcher and consultant Chahal Verma says, “Bitcoin is altering the entire financial system, and I want to be a part of it. I started investing in cryptocurrencies in October 2020.
She remarked, “After investigating Bitcoin, I realised this is a totally different monetary system. In 2020, Verma invested about 20% in Bitcoin and 80% in stocks; however, those ratios have since switched, according to Verma.

While still a student, Sapna Singh started trading cryptocurrencies. With a following of 247,000, she is the most popular female crypto YouTuber at the age of just 24. Although she covers more than just cryptocurrency as an asset on her channel, Earn With Sapna, her how-tos and price predictions are still popular.

Tanvi Ratna is the creator of Policy 4.0, a think tank for emerging technologies, and a policy advisor on blockchain and digital currency issues.
Ratna studied public policy after receiving her degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2009 and has worked as an analyst on Capitol Hill, with the Indian federal government, and with a number of other departments on blockchain regulation. She is also a member of Coindesk’s international editorial team.

The National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain, which partners with blockchain businesses and the private sector to assist female industry leaders establish services and products in the crypto economy, is led by Mesidor and includes Evans as a member.

In order to speed up Bitcoin transactions, Lightning Labs, which Stark co-founded and serves as CEO of, launched the Lightning Network’s beta version in 2018. The network, which could process 65,000 electronic transactions per second, was funded by the company’s recent success in raising $70 million. Building on the technologies of Lightning Lab are over 300 businesses.

Shah is a co-founder of the Komorebi Collective, a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that seeks to enlist the support of the blockchain community by soliciting donations in order to aid more women and non-binary people in breaking into the cryptocurrency industry. The main team of Komorebi is made up of members of the nonprofit she256 and Women in Blockchain.

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