With P2P Platforms Driving Cryptocurrency Usage in Emerging Markets

Bitcoin adoption numbers show a truly global phenomenon—with emerging markets ranking highest in peer-to-peer usage:

1 Vietnam

Flag of Vietnam

2 India

Flag of India

3 Pakistan

Flag of Pakistan

4 Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine

5 Kenya

Flag of Kenya

6 Nigeria

Flag of Nigeria

7 Venezuala

Flag of Venezuela

8 US

Flag of United States

9 Togo

Flag of Togo

10 Argentina

Flag of Argentina

Global cryptocurrency adoption is skyrocketing

Our data shows that residents of more and more countries around the world are taking the dive into cryptocurrency or seeing existing adoption increase. In the chart below, we applied our index methodology globally by adding up all 154 countries’ index scores — made up of the three components we describe above — for each quarter from Q2 2019 to the present. 

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