More than 30,000 crypto enthusiasts flocked to Miami for industry’s flagship annual conference

Bitcoin 2022 in Miami was a rousing success as expected, with tens of thousands of crypto enthusiasts and industry luminaries descending on the city for the annual event, and Foresight Ventures was there for every thrilling moment as an event sponsor.

Foresight Ventures had a number of goals it set out to achieve during the conference, including forming new partnerships and playing a part in guiding the next generation of Web3 companies toward success. These goals were all met and exceeded, and the firm has advanced a number of its biggest priorities around finding the next major Web3 disruptors.

Foresight Ventures sponsored one of the conference’s most highly anticipated events, Nolcha Shows: NFT Edition, powered by Tron DAO, a one-of-a-kind event featuring extraordinary and diverse artwork presented through creative programming, engaging activities, and captivating entertainment.

Nolcha Shows featured a dizzying array of NFT art, large-scale sculptures, photography, and paintings by artists including Beeple, Yiying Lu, Zevi G, Kfir Moyal, Mateus, Jason Skeldon, Lawrence Leyderman and more. The event also featured a number of launches and NFT marketplaces, including Courtyard, BitKeep, ChainGuardians, and APENFT. During the show, Foresight hosted an investor meetup with Illust Space, Zebec Protocol, Yield App,Bitget, and many others.

Foresight Ventures also sponsored the Grand Ballroom Seatdrop, through which it built partnerships with some of the top Bitcoin projects poised to deliver some of the industry’s most in-depth research reports over the next quarter. The firm connected with Yale Blockchain’s incubator lead and will be running a hackathon with a group of Yale based startups to empower the student developer community.

Last but not least, Foresight Ventures participated in Cheetah Mining’s investor mixer, helping host more than 100 crypto investors across Bitcoin, Layer2, NFT and Metaverse, etc

The massive annual expo is attended by some of the industry’s biggest names, and each day packed with speakers, meetups, and deep-dives gives way to a series of after-parties that continue the celebration late into the night. It was a whirlwind of an event, but Foresight Ventures made some meaningful inroads with industry peers and will have even more partnerships and event sponsorships to announce in the near future.

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