COTI, a DAG protocol optimized for decentralized payment networks, announced today that it a formed a partnership with Trading Tent, a platform for trading any type of native Cardano asset within two wallets.

Through this partnership, Trading Tent will integrate $Djed into their trading system to enable the stablecoin for buying and trading of Cardano NFTs, along with other native Cardano assets.

“The integration of DJed into Tent will add a new layer for traders to trade their favorite NFTs. Stablecoins like Djed are quickly gaining popularity amongst NFT marketplaces as an alternative solution to the volatility risks of traditional cryptocurrencies. We’re really excited to be along with the first integrations of DJed into day-to-day case uses.”
– Sam Portillo, Strategic and Creative Director of Trading Tent is a service that allows users to live-trade native Cardano assets (NFTs, tokens, and/or ADA) in a single transaction easily, securely, and instantly.

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