OpenSea ‘insider trading’ could see NFTs labeled securities: Former SEC lawyer

Former Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer Alma Angotti says this week’s news about an OpenSea employee being charged with insider trading could open the doors to non-fungible tokens being labeled as securities.  On Wednesday, in a first for the...

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Kraken Launches Pro Mobile Staking Feature

On Wednesday, Kraken, a US-based  cryptocurrency exchange  Cryptocurrency Exchange A cryptocurrency exchange is an online platform that supports the exchange of various currencies for a cryptocurrency or digital asset.Comparable to a generalized financial exchange, a crypto exchange’s core function...

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Proofi by LTO Network to bring its KYC solution to DeFi and blockchains via Chainlink

Dutch blockchain LTO Network, today announced that Proofi by LTO Network will make its identity data available to the multi-chain DeFi ecosystem via Chainlink, the leading blockchain oracle solution. Chainlink is integral to this process, as it will help...

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