Baby Doge Born To Save Meme Father “DOGE”

Step By Step Process to Buy Baby Doge in India

Devendra Singh Khati

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has a new favorite cryptocurrency “Baby Doge”. A derivative of the popular meme currency Dogecoin. Dogecoin’s developers blended the popular Shiba Inu of the time with the emerging notion of cryptocurrency.

Baby Doge, a new cryptocurrency created by enthusiasts of the online doge meme community, aims to please his father by displaying new and enhanced features. Baby Doge was created in June 2021 with an ambitious plan that includes pet charity endeavors, NFT production, GameFi, and other initiatives.

What Is Baby Doge Coin?

It is a deflationary token that will become rarer over time. Baby Doge owners will earn additional coins simply by keeping them, instantly giving them to their wallets.

The number of Baby Doge coins in holders’ wallets is consistently growing since they earn a 5% fee on every transaction done on the Baby Doge ecosystem.

What is Baby Doge Coin?

On June 1, 2021, Baby Doge Coin was born with the goal of creating a purposeful decentralized meme project. Crypto enthusiasts describe it as a fun meme with a serious mission to spread. In just 21 days, Baby Doge set a record with over 250,000 holders and a market cap of over $500 million.

It is a cryptocurrency project that is powered by the Binance smart chain. It is the offspring of Dogecoin, a popular meme coin whose value has risen in response to Elon Musk’s tweets. Baby Doge Coin claims that it has “learned a few tricks and lessons’’ from its “meme father Doge.”

Baby Doge has a competitive advantage over Dogecoin due to faster block times (5 seconds vs 60 seconds), lower gas fees, and increased ‘adorability.’

Furthermore, Baby Doge holders will have their wallets refilled regularly as a result of a 5% fee on all network transactions.

Baby Doge Protocol: Brief Introduction

Baby Doge is a deflationary token that will become scarcer over time. By simply holding Baby Doge coins in your wallet, you will earn more Baby Doge, which will be automatically sent to your wallet. As baby doge coin holders automatically receive a 5% fee from every on-chain transaction that occurs on the Baby Doge ecosystem, the amount of baby doge in your wallet will grow. The community receives more baby doge coins as a result of the transaction fees.

How to buy Baby Doge Coin in India?

You can buy 130+ cryptocurrencies such as Baby Doge on BuyUcoin in less than 10 minutes and kickstart your crypto portfolio. It is incredibly simple to trade your favorite cryptocurrencies. Simply enter your email address to create a BuyUcoin account. The next step is to verify your account. To get your account verified, complete the KYC process by sharing your Aadhaar, PAN, and bank details. And at last, simply link your bank account to your BuyUcoin Wallet and begin trading.

What Makes Baby Doge Best Investment Asset?

Baby Doge, a virtually obscure cryptocurrency until a few days ago, nearly quadrupled in value following Musk’s tweet about it on Thursday. Musk referred to Baby Doge by using a viral Baby Shark song from last year.

Elon Musk Tweet on Baby Doge

Baby DOGE has a market valuation of $0.2 billion (at the time of writing), which may not seem large in comparison to Dogecoin or Bitcoin, but is substantial for a currency that was discovered less than a year ago.

Baby Doge intends to make a significant impact in the e-commerce space. The project has been teasing a new collaboration that will allow the dog-themed cryptocurrency to be used as a payment method for millions of online businesses.

According to the news cited by Yahoo Finance, Baby Doge Coin has officially partnered with crypto commerce company Coin Payments, according to the project’s Telegram channel. The agreement has the potential to give the cryptocurrency widespread exposure because it “can be integrated as a payment method by an estimated 5.4 million e-commerce businesses worldwide built on” the platforms listed below:

  • Shopify
  • Magnento
  • WooCommerce

While Baby Doge has not collaborated with the brand names on these platforms, some of the corporations on Shopify include household names like Tesla, Anheuser-Busch, PepsiCo, and others. The new payment capabilities are one of the meme coin’s first use cases, in addition to its quest to save dogs.

Market Sentiment For Baby Doge

foresees a promising future for Baby Doge Coin, touting the token’s range of projects and “strong community backing.” It predicts that the price will reach $0.00000006 by the end of 2022. However, it is sceptical it will exceed that due to the token’s limited supply. The platform has a more bullish take on the token throughout the coming years. Indeed, it predicts that it will hit $0.00000012 by 2024 and could rise to as much as $$0.00000015 by the year’s end.

predicts that Baby Doge could rise to $0.00000000562 in 2022 and $0.00000000636 in the following year. Its model predicts steady growth through 2029, in which it foresees prices hitting $0.00000001691. A significant majority of the platform’s indicators rate Baby Doge as a strong buy.

classifies Baby Doge as a “not so good long term (1 year) investment” but still sees growth ahead. According to its model, investing $100 in Baby DogeCoin today would net a total of 25,171,924,243 BABY DOGE. The platform expects the revenue for a five-year investment to be roughly 150%. That would result in a 100 dollar investment is worth $250 by 2027.

Closing Thoughts

This is essentially a pure meme coin with very little fundamental value, but that didn’t stop its father, Dogecoin, from producing extraordinary returns.

Baby DogeCoin could be a lottery ticket work purchase if you are risk-tolerant and can afford to lose the money you are investing in.

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