How to Buy Voyager Token (VGX) in India?

Devendra Singh Khati

The world of cryptocurrency, which is only a little more than a decade old, is gaining traction in India. Despite the fact that the country has yet to develop legislation for cryptocurrency investment, there has been a nearly 20,000 percent rise (from $200 million to $40 billion) in crypto investments in India in the last year alone! Several people rode the wave and profited handsomely from their investments. So, where do you begin? And what is the most secure approach to investing in cryptocurrencies in India? Let us investigate.

Buy Voyager Token (VGX) in India

Voyager rebranded the Ethos Token to the Voyager Token (VGX). This expansion represents a significant step in developing in integrating Ethos technology into the Voyager ecosystem. Voyager is a verified cryptocurrency broker that enables investors the equivalent smooth, secure, and comfortable experience that online stock trading pairs today. Voyager performs sects across various exchanges, provides “Best Performance Orders,” and gives clients access to an extremely liquid market.

Voyager created the next generation Dynamic Smart Order Router explication and custody monitoring solution to solve liquidity difficulties. Requests are routed and split between changes to deliver the best results to customers. The platform allows you to keep your way with sound and liquid funds ensuring that your funds are safe and available when you need them.

Voyager contains a commission-free business service. Customers can trade with peace of brain knowing that they are getting the best execution possible without external fees. Prices are upfront, so you understand the price and all value before doing a transaction.

The Voyager team has vast expertise in building strong customer-centric apps like Uber, Apple, and E-TRADE used by millions of people around the world. Team plans and builds every characteristic in mind for convenience and ease of use. Easy and convenient wallet and transaction interfaces will be built using this same design mentality.

The Voyager team has great track experience in the conventional finance enterprise as well as in the cryptocurrency industry. Voyager models trust by prioritizing safety and accessible self custody options for customers and by openly making clearness and trust with consumers. Voyager’s intention is the safest and most customer-oriented place to transfer, custody, and trade cryptocurrencies.

How to buy Voyager Token (VGX) in India?

One can buy Voyager Token (VGX) in India by using the platform of BuyUcoin. It is a 4-step process. For opening a digital wallet, you have to register for an account. Then you have to complete the KYC process, then users need to follow a Google 2-step verification followed by entering the bank details, then you can start investing in VGX Token.

BuyUcoin is an exchange that provides buying and selling VGX coins in India as well as other cryptocurrencies. Below is a step by step guide to buying Voyager Token (VGX) via BuyUcoin:

Step 1 — Open a Digital Wallet

A digital wallet houses your cryptocurrencies and uses blockchain technology to communicate with other citizens. It is important to make in-depth research before you decide what one is best for you, however, there are several providers of digital wallets. Today, BuyUcoin’s the leading digital wallet provider.

BuyUcoin Digital Wallet

Step 2 — Register & Open an Account

When you enter the BuyUcoin go to Signup, register and open a service account. Choose your person or company form of account. Choose your country and adhere to the terms and conditions of your crypto-trading account.

Sign Up For VGX Wallet

Step 3-KYC

For the Indian jurisdiction, KYC and AML are compulsory. Your data are secure and encrypted and stored only in Indian data centers. To complete your KYC, you are redirected to another URL. With your last selfie, please be ready. Pictures of your pan card will be required. The mobile number connected to your Adhar is important.

KYC Steps

Step 4-Google 2 step Verification

To use 2FA, the Authenticator app must be enabled on your smartphone or tablet. If enabled, any time you log in to your BuyUcoin account, you will be asked to include a 6- digit one-time password with your email and password. This only functions when an email and password are entered.+

Enable 2 FA to Secure your VGX Wallet

Step 5-Add Bank details

Add your name credentials, the account name of the holder, and the IFSC code information.

Complete Bank Credentials to Trade in VGX-INR

While using VGX native broker tokens, you get significant value and benefits. As part of direct transactions, the capacity to trade from self-depositing Vault, the VGX token, will facilitate instant blockchain businesses, enabling users to make immediate transactions right from the self-hosted wallet sign. VGX holders can use tokens to pay fees and get a discount on the fees on direct transactions.

Easily Trade VGX Token

Yes, you can use regular money or any fiat currencies such as VGX-INR in India to buy VGX Tokens where Voyager Token (VGX) can be stored in your wallet. One of India’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges like BuyUcoin allows you to buy or sell your desirable cryptocurrencies with a single tap, without any hidden transaction charges.

BuyUcoin is a multi-currency crypto wallet where VGX Coin can be stored with high-end security features where cold storage wallets are used. Hardware wallets are the most secure wallets and if you want to store a lot of wealth in your wallet it is strongly recommended because they add an extra level of safety. Once we have sent the VGX coin to your wallet, we will send you a confirmation email. The VGX coin will appear in your wallet when you restart the BuyUcoin wallet.

If you want to buy Voyager Token (VGX), an exchange called BuyUcoin is the best choice. You can even buy VGX using your debit card with an easy-to-use interface.

When you register, BuyUcoin prompts for your ID and address. This is done in compliance with the anti-money laundering (AML)and Knows your customer (KYC). As in the Indian legislature, KYC and AML are compulsory. It helps avoid the use of exchanges for criminal activity. But there are legitimate reasons why your ID should not be revealed to a trader who is aware of the trade and privacy.

Consumers who own VGX can reap the benefits of having their own keys to their crypto funds (“your keys, your money”) while also being able to easily trade their crypto assets.

Voyager has built a network for crypto trading that feels eerily similar to the clients that traditional online brokerages have. Voyager Token employs Smart Order Routing technology, which exploits price disparities on cryptocurrency exchanges. This technology enables it to connect instantaneously with over a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing investors to select the best available exchange rate for their transactions.

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